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Know Your Bills
  1. Refer your Contract Account number, Billing period, Bill number or Invoice number, Name, Address, registered email id, contact number, GSTIN of your company
  2. Know your billed date, Find your due date and bill amount to be paid within due date, discount date and if paid after due date
  3. View your Sanctioned load, Contract demand, Meter number, Supply at LT / HT, Type of phase- Single or three phase, Connection status.
  4. Energy consumption in KWH, KVAH, RKVAH and Maximum demand (MD) recorded in KVA (From B to D Zone of MD)
  5. Last six months bill details i.e. Energy consumption in Kwh units and billed amount
  6. Last bill amount paid in Rs. And date of amount paid, Security deposit amount in Rs. held with Licensee.
    Distribution Licensee is required to keep with itself the security Deposit equal to the amount of one bill. The interest on the deposit held will be paid annually after every financial year.
  7. Category i.e. nature of load – industrial (Information Technology/ Information technology enabled services – IT/ITES) or for commercial purpose (Fit out, Food outlet, ATMs, Construction, Project office, custom office etc.)
  8. Tariff Applicability based on your nature of Load and Sanctioned/Contract demand in KVA

    Tariff Sanction load Category
    HT1 >150Kw Industrial
    HTII >150Kw Commercial
    LT I (G-P) General
    LTIIA 0-20Kw Commercial
    LTIIB >20Kw Commercial
    LT III (A) 0-20Kw Industrial
    LT III (B) >20Kw Industrial

    • Billed PF : KWH units /KVAH units
    • Billed MD for HT : Highest of below three conditions
    • 1. Maximum Demand (MD) recorded in current month

      2. 50% of Contract demand

      3. 75% of highest Billed MD in last 11 months

    • Billed MD for LT: Highest of below two conditions
    • 1. 65% of Maximum demand recorded in current month

      2. 40% of Contract demand

    • Assessed PF : if there is any debit/credit adjustment in kwh units
  9. TOD : KWH units and Maximum demand recorded in different time zones as shown below:
  10. Zone Time
    A 2200 Hrs-0600 Hrs
    B 0600 Hrs-0900 Hrs &
    1200 Hrs- 1800 Hrs
    C 0900 Hrs-1200 Hrs
    D 1800 Hrs-2200 Hrs

    TOD Charges: Kwh units recorded in respective zone * TOD Rate applicable for respective zones

  11. Energy bill parameters:
    • Demand charges: Billed MD * Demand charge Rate
    • Energy Charges: Kwh units * Energy charge Rate
    • Wheeling Charges: Kwh units * Wheeling charge Rate
    • TOD Tariff Energy charge: Please refer point no.9
    • Fuel Adjustment Cost (FAC) : Kwh units * FAC Rate
    • Electricity Duty (ED) : (Billed amount excluding Tax and PF amount)* ED Rate
    • Tax on Sale of Electricity (TOSE) : Kwh units * TOSE Rate
    • PF Penal charges/ Incentive:
      (Applicable for HT I: HT Industry and HT II: HT-Commercial as well as LT II (B): LT- Commercial (above 20 Kw) and LT III (B) : LT- Industry (above 20 KW) Categories.
    • Whenever the average power factor is more than 0.95, an incentive shall be given at the rate of the following percentages of the amount of the monthly bill amount excluding Taxes and Duties.

      Sr. No. Range of Power Factor Power Factor Level Incentive
      1 0.951 to 0.954 0.95 0
      2 0.955 to 0.964 0.96 1
      3 0.965 to 0.974 0.97 2
      4 0.975 to 0.984 0.98 3
      5 0.985 to 0.994 0.99 5
      6 0.995 to 1.000 1.00 7

      However Power factor penalty is applicable if the billed PF is Less than or equal to 0.9.

      0.895 0.900 0%
      0.885 0.894 2%
      0.875 0.884 3%
      0.865 0.874 4%
      0.855 0.864 5%
      0.845 0.854 6%
      0.835 0.844 7%
      0.825 0.834 8%
      0.815 0.824 9%
      0.805 0.814 10%
      And so on
    • Charges on Excess demand: If Maximum demand (from A Zone to D zone) exceeds contract demand then charges on excess demand levied. Formula: (Maximum demand – Contract demand) * (150% of demand charge rate)
    • Total Current bill: Sum of Demand charges, Energy charges, Wheeling Charges, TOD Tariff ED, FAC, Electricity Duty, Tax on Sale, PF Penal/incentive and Charges on Excess demand.
    • Differential Adjustment : if any
    • Current interest applicable as under:
      12% if the payment is made after due date and within 3 months.
      15% if the payment is made after 3 months but within 6 months.
      18% if the payment is made after 6 months.
    • Principal Arrears : if any
    • Interest Arrears : If any
    • Total bill payable: Sum of Current bill, Differential Adjustment, Current interest, Principal Arrears and Interest Arrears.
    • Prompt payment discount: applicable if pays within discount date
    • Delay payment charges : Chargeable if paid after due date
    • Consumers having load factor over 75% upto 85% will be entitled to a rebate of 0.75% on the energy charges for every percentage point increase in load factor from 75% to 85%. Consumers having a load factor over 85 % will be entitled to rebate of 1% on the energy charges for every percentage point increase in load factor from 85%. The total rebate under this head will be subject to a ceiling of 15% of the energy charges for that consumer. This incentive is limited to HT I, HT II and HT IX categories only. Further, the load factor rebate will be available only if the consumer has no arrears with SPPL, and payment is made within seven days from the date of the bill. The Load Factor has been defined below:
      Load Factor = Consumption during the month in MU/ Maximum Consumption Possible during the month in MU
    • Security Deposit Due: The amount of Security deposit will be recalculated every year and additional amount is recovered if required. Please refer clause 11 of MERC (Supply Code and Other Condition of Supply) Regulation 2005.
  12. Bank account details where consumer has to pay the bills through NEFT/ RTGS or consumer also can pay via cheque.

    • Tariff applicable on the basis of order issued by Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) - Details of the same mentioned in this section.
    • FAC Rate applicable
  13. Customer care email id and contact number for any queries.

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